2X4 ft: $47.99
2.5X5 ft: $74.99
2.5X8 ft: $119.99
3X5 ft: $89.99
3X8 ft: $143.99
4X8 ft: $191.99         
4X10 ft: $239.99
4.5X10 ft: $269.99

The tax man cometh, Mississippi residents regretfully add 7% sales tax.

Yes, we also do custom sizes.
Call or email us, we love to talk!

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  Submit any photos, logos, or files you want to use.
- Let us email you a proof within 24 business hours.
Once you're happy with the design (and not a moment before), Place your order.
- Your banner will ship from our caring, hospitable, little shop within 24 business hours.

Told you there was nothing to be afraid of!  No Surprises, No Hidden Fees, Free Full Color, No MSG, No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives!

--Already have your own design?
Nothing would tickle us more than making your vision a reality!  Just send us your design in practically any format, and we'll send you a proof (just to make sure).  Again, no extra charges, no surprises.

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Let β€˜er rip. Send it along, let us send you a proof, and all is well in our world.
Yet again, no extra charges, no surprises. (This is what we do... we make banners, our fathers made banners, and their fathers before them made banners. We live to make banners.)

--Your banner will be printed on glossy 13 ounce reinforced vinyl. If you'd prefer matte finish, just say so.
Great for outdoor or indoor use, it comes to you with grommets in the four corners and all the love and attention we can cram into a 4'x8' (or whatever other size you order) area.
Did we mention we live to make banners?
And that our sons are learning to make banners?

We accept VISA, MC, DISC, & AMEX... You will be invoiced by Cupit Signs upon accepting proof. Your order will be shipped within 24 business hours of receipt of payment.